Video: Slay queen murdered, moments after twerking to Naira Marley’s Puta

A video of a young Anglophone lady allegedly murdered by separatist fighters known as ‘Amba Boys’ has gone viral on social media.

The girl was identified as Treasure Keno, a native of Batibo, a Sub Division in Northwestern part of Cameroon.

Family and friends of the diseased alleged that she drop out from school to embrace a wayward lifestyle.

Before her brutal execution, she was seen in the video, happily twerking to Naira Maley’s track “Puta” while partying with some unknown guys at a drinking spot.

Watch below:

Various sources including BBC have disclosed that Ms Treasure was first raped, before being stabbed to death by the violent Amba Boys group at Bamenda, about 100 miles east of Nigeria on August 3.

The murderers reportedly dropped her diseased body by the roadside in the pool of her blood, while waiting to see who will come for her.


Due to the gory nature of the following video, we have decided not to display it here, but you could see it via this link.

Rumour has it that Treasure had been hanging out with the Amba Boys before they suspected she was helping the government spy on them.

This group has been wasting the lives of people whom they suspect to be spies, traitors or blacklegs, since the Anglophone crisis took another dimension.

Many people have allegedly fled from the Northwestern region so as to avoid becoming the next article of murder.

Meanwhile, human rights activists have condemned this inhuman act, while also calling on the government and military forces to do their utmost to safeguard people’s lives.

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