4 Important Factors to consider Before You Post on Social Media

4 Important Factors to consider Before You Post on Social Media

Social Media had become a big world on its own. From being a form of communication-based on the internet to being a platform for business advertisements, hosting classes and of course, meeting new friends.

The most popular social media platforms that have grown over the years are: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Reddit.

Social media gives you access to news and updates both locally and globally.

One interesting thing about social media today is that people can now get job opportunities via social media posts and adverts.

Because social media is essential in the 21st-century world, it is also necessary that users learn the right way to do it.


Before you post on social media, consider these factors:


Grammar Check

This is very important because social media is so vast that anyone from any part of the world can read or view your post. And it would not create a nice impression of you if your readers keep being turned off by bad grammar or ambiguous words.

Even if you are posting a joke or making a post for fun, make sure that you are not serving the audience on social media with bad grammar.

To help, you can get apps like Grammarly to help you check your words and spellings before posting.


Right Image

Some persons do not know how to go about linking the right image with a post. When you make any post, your image should tally with what you have posted and it should be appropriate to all audiences.

Avoid Sharing sensitive images on social media.


Posting on the Right Platform

You may want to make the same post on all your social media handles, this is not bad, but you should know that not every post will fit into every platform.

People visit Twitter mostly for news and LinkedIn for professional services. A job recruiter will not visit TikTok to search for a prospective employee except maybe for an entertainment cause.

While it is necessary to know the exact platform to showcase yourself or your skills, make your posts captivating.


Sensitive posts

Avoid bringing too much personal information on social media. You should have some life offline. Don’t you think so?

Also, information about a company may be needed to be kept away from social media especially if there is a company’s policy to post on social media.


Social media is also like a place to store information, and it is very easy for people to dig up past posts. So, learn to give out information that would not cause you anything in the future.

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