Video: Kylie Jenner shows off her newly customised Rolls-Royce

Video: Kylie Jenner shows off her newly customised Rolls-Royce

One of the most expensive things you’ll likely come across on the internet today is Kylie Jenner’s newly customised Rolls-Royce.

Earlier in the day, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star treated her 185 million followers to a tour of her specially designed Rolls-Royce SUV.

Interestingly it took her ‘almost a year’ to get this very expensive luxury which Kylie referred to as a ‘she’.

“Ordered her almost a year ago, she finally made it,” she wrote in one of her posts. The car has a shiny black exterior with a pink interior.

And for the tour of her new ride, the 22-year-old makeup mogul adorned herself in a black sports bra with matching high-waisted leggings.

She also appeared to be wearing little of her favourite makeup color on her lips while seated in the vehicle’s passenger’s side.

See below:

Earlier during the week, Newsblenda reported how the proud mother of one clearly expressed her affection for her two-year-old daughter with ‘Stormi’s Mom’ clearly engraved on the Rolls.

She further expressed her love by referring to the car as her ‘new mom car’.

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