Artist carves an 8.3 feet image of ‘The Rock’ from a tree

Artist carves an 8.3 feet image of ‘The Rock’ from a tree

Dwayne Johnson popular known as ‘The Rock’ has taken to social media to gush over a new statue of himself which was created by an artist.

According to The Rock, the image was carved out from the red oak by an artist named James. It stands at eight feet three inches and weigh about 428 pounds.

“WOW! AMAZING and I’m truly honored this artist @jamesonealwoodart would create this powerful art. Eight feet three inches tall, 428 pounds. Single piece of red oak,” the ten-time world heavyweight champion wrote on Instagram.

What Dwayne Johnson appreciated most was the raised right arm of the giant statue, a significance of his principles, the abs also made sense to him.

He continued:

“In and out of the wrestling ring, whether I win or lose – good days or bad days – my right arm raised will always represent my principles and tell my story.

“My story of life. And thanks Jim for giving me some sweet “pre-cheat meal” abs.”

Check out the images below:

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