Video: Suspected Coronavirus patient treated like an animal in Abakaliki

covid-19 patient forcefully arrested in Abakaliki
A video of the forceful arrest of a suspected Coronavirus patient in Abakaliki, is currently making waves on social media.
The video was shared on Twitter by a user nicknamed SEGA L’éveilleur.

In the video, men that looks like NCDC staffs was seen arresting the suspected patient without any PPE kit. The team was even suggesting to get a rope to tie the patient when he kept resisting.

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Watch the video below:

It’s quite disheartening that even health workers in Nigeria cannot judiciously carry out their duties. Actions like this makes the laymen doubt the existence of this virus.

If this guy really has the virus, abducting him in this manner is definitely not the best way to help him get the needed treatment.

They are in fact helping the rapid spread of this deadly virus in Nigeria.

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