Video: Meet Malgorzata Kulczyk, a lady whose hair is longer than her height

Malgorzata Kulczyk

You think you’ve seen long hair, I bet you ain’t seen this one yet.

Malgorzata Kulczyk, a 34-year-old Polish computer student who lives in London, started to grow her natural blonde hair at the age of seven.

The woman whose hair is about 5ft 2ins, said she has never had a haircut in her life. Impressively, it is now longer than she is tall.

The real-life Rapunzel is a computing student in London, who is now shorter than her hair

Malgorzata who has over 10k followers on Instagram sees herself as a real-life Rapunzel and has specific routines that has kept her hair looking shiny and long for all these years.

She uses a homemade coconut oil mask to nourish her strands for half-an-hour before a shower. Her hairstyles usually consists of buns, ponytails, and braids.

Recently, she stressed that her hair have made her an object of desire especially among men.

‘Men can’t believe it is real, she said. They say it is beautiful, impressive and feminine. Some even fall in love with me because of it!’

What do you think about this modern day Rapunzel?

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