Video: People watch as a young man shot by gunmen gradually bled to death

Young man shot by gunmen

A very traumatizing video of a young man who was shot by gunmen was recently shared on Twitter by a user named DuruchibuzorE.

The user seriously lamented on how the policemen around the area of the incident refused his appeal for them to take the man to the nearest hospital. “They all refused and left him to bleed out,” according to him.

He wrote the words below with the video of the young man’s life gradually fading away:

“The Nigerian police has no regard for human life. This man was shot by gunmen at Ikorodu garage. In the ensuing melee, I walked up to the policemen at the Armoured tank and appealed that they took the man to the nearest hospital. they all refused and left him to bleed out.”

The incidence was said to have occurred around 11am in the morning. Although the true identity of the young man was not revealed, but people around seem to refer to him as ‘Asha’.

It’s quite annoying that despite the crowd standing nearby, no one was willing to help. Even if the Nigerian police officers refused to help, the ones who seem to know him are more cruel.

He had a big chance to survival, yet the best thing they could do is to video and send online. Very bad!

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