Lady Narrates How Her 13-Year-Old Sister Escaped Being Raped By Her Neighbor

Lady Narrates How Her 13-Year-Old Sister Escaped Being Raped By Her Neighbor

The rape epidemic in Nigeria is becoming more and more endemic.

It is very sad that in a highly religious country like Nigeria, where over 90 percent of the 200 million inhabitants are Christians or Muslims, rape is rampant.

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Following the rape scandals currently going on across Nigeria and beyond, a twitter user identified as Anuoluwapo has narrated her sister’s encounter in the hands of a potential rapist.

According to Anuoluwapo, her 13-year-old sister was almost raped by her neighbor.

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I remember the day my 13 year old sis told me one of our neighbors wanted to rape her.

She said he gave her money and she didn’t know what he asked her to use it for.

She went to his room to ask him what she should use the money for and that was how this naked man wanted to pull her close to himself.

My sister being a tomboy,she ran out of the room and threw the money to his face.

She immediately ran to me and told me what happened.I believed her,Dorcas never said something of such before. but when I told my grandma,she didn’t believe her.

Do you know what my sister said?She said “Ti brother Oris batu bami try rubbish yen,ti m’o ba fo nkan mo won lori,ko pe mi l’omo ale”…Meaning”If brother Oris tries that rubbish with me again,if I don’t break something on his head,they should call me a bastard” I was so proud.

Of her that afternoon,I was happy she did that….I love the fact that she behaves like a man.These rape cases flying everywhere is something my mental health can’t cope with…I’m just scared of me or my sister being raped,I might actually commit suicide if such
happens to me or anyone close…I’ve been giving her advises since different rape cases have been flying everywhere.I told her dad to enrol her in a taekwondo or karate center,we ain’t taking chances.

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