It’s Outrageous For PDP To Ask Buhari To Resign, PDP Founded Corruption – Nollywood Director

It’s Outrageous For PDP To Ask Buhari To Resign, PDP Founded Corruption – Nollywood Director

Popular Nollywood Movie Director and Actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu has condemned what he labelled as an ‘outrageous call’ by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), demanding that the president and commander in-chief of the armed forces to step down on account of corruption.Candidate-Muhammadu-Buhari-608x405

Recall that yesterday, the national chairman of the people’s democratic party Prince Uche Secondus demanded that the president should resign, citing the ongoing corruption investigations of the Niger Delta Development Commission, North-East Development Commission, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and others as the main reason for him to resign.secondus-768x950

Uche Secondus says that President Buhari has failed to keep to his 2015 and 2019 campaign promises of fighting corruption, he also stated that Nigeria under Buhari’s watch was on a ventilator gasping for breath.

Reacting to the news, the popular actor who’s best known for his role in movies as a grandmaster in the occult world, took to his verified Instagram account to voice out his displeasure.

In a six minutes video posted on his page, the Anambra born actor acknowledged that this present administration has is total failure, but according to him, is outrageous for PDP to actually accused buhari’s government of corruption where they themselves founded and notured corruption in Nigeria.


The call from the PDP that the president of the federal republic of Nigeria should resign on the account of corruption that is taking place in Nigeria today is actually an outrageous call.

We are not in support of the president at all. The APC as far as we are concerned, they know it themselves that the party is a failure. when it comes to the change they promised us, they have not changed the country, they have actually made the country worse.

But for PDP to call for the president to resign, I say it’s outrageous because they PDP held on to power for 16 years in Nigeria and they are not been able to do anything, From 1999 to 2015 the PDP held on to power and they are not been able to do anything. instead the corruption we are seeing Nigeria today was actually formed by the PDP, Ugezu said.

Ugezu further noted that “restructuring will among other things, decentralise power, from the office of the president by creating financial independent states or regions. There shall be massive boost in the economy as states and regions will be forced to become creative, vibrant, progressive and competitive”.



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