“Real men don’t pester women,” says Yul Edochie”

Yul Edochie says real men don’t pester women. He also said real men respect women and respect themselves.
They don’t think only about women.


Nigerian actor cum Politician, Yul Edochie has advised men to be respectful with everyone especially women and never to be forceful on them.

While describing some of the attributes of real men in a message he passed via Twitter, the 38-year-old Nollywood star said a real man will never force his way on a woman who said ‘no’.

He also encouraged men not to be absorbed with the thoughts of women alone, so as not to loose focus.

He wrote:

“Real men don’t pester women. Real men respect women and respect themselves too. If she says yes, you roll, if she says no a real man walks away.

“No pestering. Ahead ahead. A real man has a lot on his mind, no be to dey think only women. Real men respect everyone but fear no one.”

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The matter no be by force.

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Yul is definitely right, women need to be treated with much respect. Everyone has the right to their choices, to either reject or accept something.

No one, be it man or woman, has the right to force his/herself on someone who said ‘NO’

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