Justine Skye ask men to “shut their mouths” regarding anything women decides to do with their time

Justine Skye
American singer and actress Justine Indira Skyers popularly known as Justine Skye, has made a highly controversial statement on social media.

The 25-year-old Jamaican star took to Twitter to share her thoughts about men, and it doesn’t look nice at all.

In her hilarious opinion, it is wrong for a man to interfere in whatever a woman decides to do with her time.

She wrote on Twitter: “Men should shut their mouths in regards to anything a woman decides to do with their time”

Literally, Justine is insinuating that anything at all [whether good or bad] a woman does with her time, men should not react. Really?

Well am not surprised, as she has already made it known via twitter that she does not trust men at all.

“I don’t believe a word that comes out of a man’s mouth,” she wrote few months ago.

Meanwhile, Justine Skye was once rumoured to have dated Nigerian singer Wizkid in 2017, but their relationship was short-lived.


According to the beautiful singer, she regrets ever falling for the Nigerian afro star. She claimed that Wizkid didn’t appreciate the love she offered him during their relationship.

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