Five doctors and four health workers test positive for COVID-19 in Benue


The Chairman, Benue State Committee on COVID-19, and the Deputy Governor of the State, Benson Abounu, on Wednesday announced that five medical doctors, two ambulance drivers, and one emergency worker were among people who tested positive for COVID-19 in recent tests carried out in the state.

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Speaking to journalists on the activities of the committee, Abounu said that the first person to die of coronavirus recorded in the state was not treated for coronavirus but leukemia.

Abounu said that the patient only started coughing three days before he died and his samples were taken to Abuja for a test which returned positive.

The deputy governor said that over 100 people who have been in contact with the patient had been traced.

Abounu said, “The issue of the person reported to have died as a result of COVID-19 in the state, I read about it on Facebook.

“But the case referred to was not managed for Covid19, it was a serious ailment, 20 days ago he had a major surgical operation, opened from neck to abdomen. The gentleman in question had cancer of the bone marrow.

“And when diagnosed for such ailment, hardly, can the person live up to five years.

“But three days to his demise, he started coughing and his samples were taken and sent to Abuja and came out positive.

“So, It is possible that the deceased who was not in isolation center must have had contact with a coronavirus victim through those who were visiting him in the hospital.

“So, it is difficult at this stage to say that what really killed him was COVID-19.

“The team has been able to trace all those who had contact with the deceased, 57 health workers, relations and family members who visited him while in the hospital over 100 of them have been traced.”

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