Whitemoney reveals the reason why Nini insulted Cross

Whitemoney has revealed the real reason why Nini had a clash that led to her insulting Cross on Wednesday morning.

Nini was already cleaning her face in bathroom when Cross came to take his bathe. Cross asked her to leave so he can come in, as he has made it a routine to be the first person to take his bathe every morning. But Nini wasn’t taking it and it led to a disagreement.

At some point Cross left the bathroom for her, but Nini was so exasperated of his attitude that she came and escalated the whole thing. It led Cross to refer to her as a “stupid” girl.

While discussing with Cross concerning the matter, Whitemoney told Cross that he would have avoided the whole saga had it been he didn’t he didn’t refer to Nini as “stupid.”

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Meanwhile Cross was quite calm and composed when Nini was yelling and cussing him.

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