We cannot be best friends and be touching eachother – Angel tells Cross

Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate Angel Agnes Smith has asked Cross to define his relationship with her and to make her understand the kind of friendship that exist between them.

For some days now, Angel and Cross have gotten more and more intimate with each other. They sleep on the same bed and they do some extra stuff. But since Yousef came into the picture and expressed his feelings towards Angel, she now wants Cross to define his relationship with her for the sake of Yousef.

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While having a long discussion with Cross during the night, Angel told Cross: “We cannot be best friends and kiss and touch each other, because that just means it’s leading to something else.”

Cross told her that he cares about her and that the more they spend time together, the more they develop feelings for each other. Angel however asked him to draw the line between their friendship as she feels they are doing too much for people who are just best friends.

On the other hand, Angel assured her second bestie; Yousef that there is nothing between her and Cross.

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