EndSars: Nigerians Are Not Protesting Over Social Amenities Which You Know We Lack – Angela Okorie Says, In An Open Letter To Buhari

EndSars: Nigerians Are Not Protesting Over Social Amenities Which You Know We Lack – Angela Okorie Says, In An Open Letter To Buhari

Famous Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has penned and an open letter the Muhammadu Buhari, citing many reasons why he should listen to the voices of millions of Nigeria calling for the special anti-robery squad (SARS) activities to be ended.

She wrote;

On this day Sunday, 11th of October , 2020.

Hello Mr. President,

I have been offline since 1st of September , 2020 ; I can’t keep quiet anymore! In as much as I really don’t want to be online at the moment for reasons best known to me , i can’t deny that I don’t know what is going on in the country , and I feel this is the right time for me to use my platform to speak out.

The Nigerian youths are not protesting for food , good roads , jobs , lights and other social amenities which you know that those are the things we also lack in the country; what we are asking for in one voice is that the government should #Endsars #Endpolicebrutality.

We are scared , we are tired of the innocent killings here and there,which is shown on all social media platforms,your silence will only make things worse , you need to speak to the people . Don’t make us believe our president is a ghost .

Mr President sir , we are not mind readers , we can’t tell what’s on your mind , but the fact remains that the lost innocent souls are our brothers and sisters ; the everyday killings and harrasment from SARS is heartbreaking , unbearable and sad. Enough is enough , the killings & bullying has to stop! 💔💔💔💔. #Ourlivesmatter #ENDSarsnow #Endpolicebrutality .

Signed ,
Angela Okorie .

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The #ENDSARS has gained momentum in Nigeria since early October after a  viral video which circulated on social media on Saturday 3rd October showed a lifeless young man who was allegedly killed by members of special anti-robery squad (SARS) at the Wetland Hotel in the Ughelli area and after killing him they escaped with his vehicle – a white Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle.

The video sparked outrage across social media with millions of Nigerians condemning the recurring SARS brutality.

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