Africa is bleeding: Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Namibia and other African countries in distress


Several countries in Africa seem to be having a hard time this year as a result of political issues, violence and several other factors.

Nigeria, the most populous black nation in Africa has been on a massive protest against police brutality for the past few weeks, calling on the government to put an end to the Special Anti-robery Squad (SARS), for it’s brutality on the civilians.

It’s quite shameful that what started off as a peaceful protests has turned out to consume the lives and properties of people in Nigeria.

But Nigeria are not the only African nation protesting for a change, countries like Congo, Cameroon, Burkina-Faso, Namibia and others are currently in distress as a result of these internal and external problems.

Congo are currently under invasion by their neighbours Rwanda and Uganda, Namibia are suffering from sexual and gender-based violence, Cameroon (Anglophone Crisis), Liberia (Rape Crisis)…See the rest of them in the images below:

Images Source: Demi Lovato

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