When You Have About 100 People In Your Church, It Is Like Having 100 ATMs.


Church business is a very lucrative business in nigeria today, as their pastors, prophets and leaders are seen living an expensive lifestyle.

Some of this pastors have private jets, some are riding in an expensive cars, living in mansion to name but a few while majority of their church members feed from hand to mouth.

Church has so far proven to be a huge market for fake prophets.

These people understands that poverty is the major problem in this country and they are using it as an opportunity to decieve people, promising them prosperity.We have so many gullible people. Once people begin to call some leaders ‘Daddy’, they look for how to take advantage of the people’s gullibility and manipulate them.

When you have about 100 people in your church, it is like having 100 ATMs. Because of the ‘Daddy in the Lord’ thing going on, some are engaging in self-worship.

It is simply out of greed that this pastors see church as a business, instead of seeing their members as flocks, they see them as customers, That’s why they go to any extent, even diabolical means to ensures that their customers remains with them.

Despite everything, it is still left for them to start changing things;

They will start earning people’s trust when they start seeing their members  as flocks instead of customers, by telling them the truth rather than what they want to hear, by teaching from the bible and not speaking out of their own knowledge or to suit their agenda.

They also need to stop going extra miles in other to perform fake miracles.

They need to accept christ first before compelling others to do so.

They also need to stop taking God’s glory, Even when Jesus our perfect exampler was on earth, he shows in words and in deeds that God is the only person who deserves all the glory.

Most importantly, they need to practice what they preach.

But until then, May God protect us all in the hands of evil men who parade themselves as representatives of the almighty God. Amen.


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