8 Tips to avoid gas explosion

Gas explosion is caused by the mixing of gas, from gas leakage with the air and when a flammable object is present, may lead to explosion.

Gas explosion has become rampant these days and proper precaution should be taken to avoid such incidents.


To avoid gas explosion:

  1. Kitchen or cooking area should be well ventilated to enable a good passage of air in case of gas leakage.
  2. Children should not be allowed to handle gas knob.
  3. Always keep gas in a vertical or standing position.
  4. Don’t drop, roll or drag gas cylinder.
  5. Gas cylinder should be stored away from sources of flammable material.
  6. Cylinder that contain flammable gas should not be kept in same building for other purposes.
  7. Connect the gas stove with the gas cylinder outside the main house.
  8. Avoid cooking inside your room incase of gas leakage.

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