15 safety measures for raining season

The year is divided into different seasons based in geographical location. In a region like Nigeria, Western Africa, the raining season is not strange.

It is welcomed by many as it aids plants to grow and hated by some because it can sometimes put the environment in a mess.

Raining season, however can cause damage is proper precautions are not taken.

Steps to being safe during raining season include;

  1. Planning ahead
  2. Watching on weather forecast on TV or on the internet.
  3. Listening to weather reports on radio.
  4. Avoid leaving children to play near drains after heavy rain.
  5. Be cautious especially at night.
  6. Do not park a vehicle along streams.
  7. Never touch wiring during thunderstorms.
  8. Unplug expensive electronics: Television, stereo, home theatre, computers.
  9. Stop playing video games connects to the Television
  10. Turn off electrical appliances that were on before power was Lost.
  11. During thunderstorm, turn off the Air Conditioner unit, powers from lightning can overload units leading to costly repair bills.
  12. Drive slowly and carefully at night.
  13. Make sure your windows are properly closed at night, as reptiles may creep, looking for shelter.
  14. Keep umbrellas and rain coat handy.
  15. Stay at home! Especially when it’s raining.

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