Salah Cow Almost Killed A Man Who Wants To Slaughter It (Video)

Salah Cow Almost Killed A Man Who Wants To Slaughter It (Video)

A man has been left Injured after a cow attacked him on Salah day.

The dramatic video trending on the internet shows the horrifying moment a cow gored a man and flipped him into the air

In the video which was shared on twitter and has now been viewed more than seven thousand times at the time of writing, captured the moment a man alongside three others who appears to be a slaughter men was trying to move the long-horned cow with a rope.

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As they were struggling to move the cow probably to a place where it will be slaughtered, the cow turned violent and attack one of the men who is wearing a singlet , hitting him with its hooves and horns. It then used them to flip the man into the air, leaving him in a crumpled heap on the ground.

All efforts made to stop the animal from attacking the man was all in vain as the cow continued to attack the man with its horns.

Watch Video Below:

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