French Court Rules That Google Must Negotiate Payment With Publishers Before Using Their Content


French Appeal Court has ruled that the social media giant google must negotiate payments with it’s publishers in France before using their news content for Ads.

The judgement which was delivered in the French capital Paris henceforth mandates the tech giant to discuss remuneration for news agencies if they reshare content, photos, or videos online in Google search results or on Google News.court-appeal-france-called-cour-d-appel-french-80315249

This means that news companies can demand for payments when search engines display extracts of their material.

The ruling comes after the news companies in France pushed for the European Union copyright reform amid concerns that digital giants were dominating market ad revenue in the journalism sector.

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Before the judgement, the tech gaint had threatened to delete news content in France if the ruling didn’t favour them , arguing that the use of photos and videos would direct millions of users to publishers’ websites and result in increased traffic.

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