6 Strange sources of renewable energy

Renewable Energy is the source of energy that is naturally produced such as solar, sun, water, air and biomass.

These sources of energy are in constant supply and abundant in nature. As long as the universe exists there remain a great source of renewable energy.

However, other sources of renewable energy are strange to humans because they are not the regular kind of renewable energy we know.


1. Bacteria

Bacteria’s survival strategy when in lack of food can be a source of renewable energy. It stores fuel in the form of fatty acids and this fatty acids are needed for the production of biodiesel fuel. When scientists work on bacteria, they can provide fuel for transportation.


2. Jellyfish

Jellyfish contains a raw ingredient for a new one if fuel cell, their glow is produced by green fluorescent protein and these releases protein after being exposed to sunlight can travel a current to produce electricity and can be used to make biological fuel cell ( electricity without an external light source).


3. Feces and urine

Faeces contains methane that could be used in the way natural gas is being used too, it can be used to power light.


4. Body heat

The heat that emits from the body in a crowded area can keep that place warm. In developed countries, scientists are putting together a plan to capture body heat to produce energy.


5. Cofee waste

Due to the high oily content in coffee, researchers have been able to create a form of biodiesel fuel from coffee. Researchers believe that up to 2.9 million gallons of fuel can be produced from coffee each year when produced.


6. Electric eel

The electric eel is capable of producing up to 400 volts of electricity. It uses this charge to defend itself but can be used to power small installations.


Some of the waste we discharge when processed properly can be sources of renewable energy.


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