4 easy steps to take when your iPhone stops charging

When your iPhone stops charging even after trying to charge it with other cables, there may be a need to clean up the iPhone charging port to make it work well because thon an iPhone stops Charging, it may be as a result of dust, hair or dirts getting into the iPhone charging port and building up over time.

The process of cleaning an iPhone charging port does not need special equipment or professional skills. It is something you can do yourself.


Steps to cleaning an iPhone charging port.

  1. Use a thin toothpick, a paper, clip, thin pin or a metal object but this will need extra carefulness to remove the dirts that may be settled in the charging port. Scrap as much as you can but avoid applying much pressure.
  2. Use a tissue, a piece of paper towel to wipe off the cleaning equipment each time you remove it.
  3. Check the iPhone port to know when you have removed a large amount of dirts that may Preventing bit from charging.
  4. Get the service of a professional to clean your iPhone when you are not sure of how to clean your iPhone charging port.


Make sure that your iPhone is switched off before you start cleaning. And do not use sprays of any kind while cleaning your iPhone port as it may cause damage.


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