For Sticking With Him When He Has Nothing, A Man Gifts His Girlfriend An iPhone 12 And A Bone Straight Wig (Video)

Nigerians are reacting to a video currently circulating over on social media, in the video a man surprised his girlfriend with a gift that is most pleasing to her.

A man from Imo State has surprised his partner with an expensive gift of iPhone 12 series and a bone straight wig.

According to the reports, she stood by him when he has nothing and now he thought it wise to reward her for her unconditional love.

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Like the said, an image is worth more than a thousand words, from the footage we can see that the girl is all excited about the gift her partner gave her and she reciprocated the gestures by hugging and kissing him.

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Usually, most nigerian women do prefer to date someone who is financially stable while ignoring those of them that are financially incapacitated. they feel disadvantaged because in most cases the struggling boyfriends always ends up dumping them right after they became rich.

Well that’s not true, at least this particular video has exonerated the Nigerian men.


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