15 Church etiquettes you should know

Church etiquette shows the proper way to behave while in a particular place of worship as some religious sects may have different ways; the key is to show respect for the church and congregants and allowing yourself and others to focus on worship.

Some church etiquettes include;

  1. Avoid talking during sermons
  2. Park cars in designated areas.
  3. Avoid wearing heavy perfumes, excessive jewelry and make up.
  4. Stand when everyone is standing and sit when everyone is sitting.
  5. Avoid wearing big hats or anything else that can obstruct someone’s view.
  6. Always arrive early to Church.
  7. Avoid side talks in church especially during sermon.
  8. Avoid texting or talking on phone in church.
  9. Sleeping during church service is bad.
  10. Try to control your children.
  11. Dress modestly
  12. Show respect for the sanctuary (Furnitures, floor etc)
  13. Avoid entering and exiting during church service.
  14. Leaving before church dismissal.
  15. Be friendly to first timers and strangers.

In as much as we show respect and etiquettes in our different workplace, the church should not be an exception.

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