Trump Gives W.H.O. 30 Days To Improve Or Risk Being Cut Off Permanently


President Donald Trump has given the governing body of world health organization (W.H.O.) a 30 days ultimatum to make “substantive improvements” or  stand a risk  of being permanently cut off from U.S. funding.

In a twitter post, the U.S. commander in chief Donald Trump shared a letter which is addressed to the W.H.O. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, saying;

“It is clear the repeated missteps by you and your organization in responding to the pandemic have been extremely costly for the world. The only way forward for the World Health Organization is if it can actually demonstrate independence from China,” Trump said in the letter. “If the World Health Organization does not commit to major substantive improvements within the next 30 days, I will make my temporary freeze of United States funding to the World Health Organization permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization,” he said.

The tweet was posted hours after the WHO acknowledged that there had been shortcomings in the organization’s virus response, giving in to calls for an independent review.

Last month the president temporarily suspended U.S. Funding to W.H.O. accusing it of being too close to Beijing and covering up and mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic.

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