Sales boy Raped his Employer’s twin daughters inside their mother’s shop

rapist errand boy

Nemesis has caught up with one Chinedu Obi, a 26- year old restaurant sales boy in Lagos, who for the past one year has taken turns in raping the 11-year old twin daughters of his employer.

This atrocity was exposed when his madam who had gone to the maket came back to the restaurant early and met him having sex with one of her twin daughters.

The woman raised alarm, the police came and arrested the suspect.

Parent (especially mothers), do not leave your female daughters with a man you do not know well, even with ones you know well, use your discretion.

Educate your daughters about sex. Do not be shy or hold back from discussing sex with them.

Discuss rape prevention with your daughters, as well as how to resist an attack from a rapist.

Teach them how to protect themselves. Teach them the kind of circumstances that can lead to rape.

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And since sexy attire is a factor in some rapes, teach your daugthers how to dress modestly.

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