Mother exposed for allegedly beating, biting and locking her son up overnight in a shop (video)

An unidentified woman has been exposed for her wickedness towards a little boy alleged to be her son.

A recent video posted on Instagram by Tunde Ednut shows where some group of people had to come and rescue the little boy where he was locked up in his alleged mother’s shop. They had to break into the shop to bring him out.

The boy’s back was full of scars from several bites, and he looked very malnourished.

According to Tunde’s report, the woman has formed the habit of beating, biting and locking his son up in the shop, throughout the night.

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He wrote:

“The mother did this him. She beats, bites him, locks him up overnight in her shop. This is so sad. They need to take this kid from her before it’s too late Oo! How can you bite someone with your teeth steady?”

Watch the video below:

The woman who did this needs to be taken to a psychiatrist, to see if she’s mentally okay. Only an insane person could do this to her child.

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