More Than 100 Nigerians Arrested In Brazil Over Fraud

Sao Paulo – Authorities in Brazil has arrested Over 100 Nigerians in a months-long global crackdown on online scams to hijack wire transfers from companies and individuals.

According to reports from the states media Fantástico, the Nigerian scammers has multiple groups, many party of transnational criminal gangs, running the so-called business email compromise (BEC) schemes by which they steal money from companies and individuals.

The schemes, according to authorities has led to some R $ 250 million in losses. They hide behind false identities on social networks and took money from the victims. There is no physical contact with the criminal. It’s all fake: the gang creates a character with a complete history, with photos of family events, travel, work, passport, address. The sole purpose of all this is to attract and win over the victim in such a way that she will do anything to maintain a loving relationship, the statement reads;

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