CCTV Captures The Moment A Ghanaian Soldier Stoled An iPhone 11 Pro At A Phone Shop [Video]


Wonders they said shall never end, when you think you have seen it all, that’s when you will be in for another shocker.

A Ghanaian soldier has been caught by a CCTV camera stealing an Apple iPhone 11 Pro at a shop in Accra.

According to the video available, the unidentified security personnel faked a phone since he knew what he was up to.

The Military Personnel appeared to be on a serious call observing if the shop attendants were paying any attention to him.

When he got the chance without thinking twice, he quickly grabbed the Phone which was on exhibition ans slid it into his pocket.

He then stood up and left right after he had committed the crime.

He perhaps thought he did a clean operation but the CCTV which was right above him captured all his moves.

Watch Video Below:

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