An 8-Year-Old Boy Reveals How His Dad Murdered Their Mother

An 8-Year-Old Boy Reveals How His Dad Murdered Their Mother

An Indiana man has officially pleaded guilty to killing his wife in cold blood after his eight years old son told authorities that he witnessed his father commits the crime.

Judson Hoover, 50, was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife Rebecca Ruth Hoover, 38, whose body  was discovered on Monday in a storage unit in the US state of Indiana – nearly a month after she was reported missing, According to report from Associated Press (AP).5f4ed4314c16c.image

Before his arrest in 27th August 2020, his eight-year-old son shocked everyone when he told school officials that he witnessed the moment his father committed this crime in the basement of their home.

According to the old 8-year-old revelations, his father, who was wearing black boots, stomp on his mother’s head 20 times. The child also said that Hoover stabbed his mother with a set of keys in hand while she laid unresponsive.

After hearing the testimony of the minor, the school invited the police and when the father arrived at school that day to pick up his children, he was however arrested but before the he consented that police could search his home. And when they did, the police discovered what appeared to be blood on steps of the basement.

The decomposing body of the victim was however discovered the following day after the police obtained a warrant to search the entire area.

He is due to be sentenced in October.

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