Video: Look what music is doing to this girl in the street

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Music has been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on humans. It affects our emotions, our moods and to some extent our actions.

It is said that when we listen to sad songs, we tend to feel a decline in our mood and when we listen to happy songs, we feel some kind of ecstasy.

But, could there be songs that will make one go crazy on the streets? I never imagined that, until I saw this trending video of a girl giving some wierd reactions to a song by Nigerian rising singer Omah Lay in the open street.

Looking at the video could only make one wonder if the song she’s listening to is actually a “Bad Influence” on her personality.

Watch the video below:

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When @omah_lay gets you emotional 😭

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Did you notice the reaction from the elderly woman in the video? What do you think could be going on in her mind? Please share your comments below:

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