Who loves more in a relationship, men or women?

Personally, I have refrained myself from this case sensitive topic for a while. But, as a fan of great ideas, I think the best way to tell a story is to engage the audience.

Before I officially proceed with this hot debate, I wish to point out the fact that relationships differ with individuals. People have different ways of expressing their feelings and love.

Also, love is very difficult to quantify and can be tough to research. Thus, it would be dysfunctional to assume that what applies to A also apply to B. Having said that, let’s proceed with this highly controversial topic:

Who loves more in a relationship, men or women?

According to a research done by renowned Anthropologist Helen Fisher, “men are far more idealistic about love and relationships than women”.

They are naturally designed to express love for their partners and that is why in some African cultures, it is unusual for a woman to vocalise her feelings to a man. Little wonder why they say it’s wise to pick a man who loves you more than you love him.

A man expressing his feelings

A recent study by dating experts Jonathan Bennett and David Bennett discovered than men tend to fall in love more ‘quickly’ and ‘easily’ experience the phenomenon of “love at first sight”.


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However, unlike men, women are love nurturers. They love deeper than men generally speaking. It is believed that an ‘average woman can feel more love, hate, pain and pleasure than a man’. While it seems quicker for men, it may take longer for a woman to ‘warm up’ to a potential partner.

Also, it could be easy for adolescent males to assume to be in love with almost every attractive girl they see, whereas most girls tend to focus their affection for a particular person. But that is not to say all men love randomly and women do not, people’s lifestyle vary.

Adolescent males tends to love randomly

The fact that most men easily profess their love for women, is also not enough evidence to prove they love less. Like I earlier mentioned, love can be very difficult to quantify. I can’t say for a certainty that either men or women loves more on the basis of these assumptions, because love is not a competition.

It is also vital to note that ‘love is a byproduct of love’, and for a relationship to be healthy, it must be reciprocated among spouses. It doesn’t matter who loves more in a relationship provided it is shared between the partners.

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