White woman reveals what Nigerian women will never do

White woman reveals what Nigerian women will never do

Most Nigerian women usually spend a lot of money to take proper of their bodies. They never seem to miss anything when it comes to fashion and beauty.

However, there is one aspect of body care which majority of them consider irrelevant and unnecessary. An ‘oyibo’ (a Nigerian term for light skin complexion) woman recently revealed it in one of her regular posts on Twitter.

According to the Swiss woman who is also known as Nwanyi Ocha on Twitter, she regularly shaved her legs everyday, before she got married to her Nigerian husband and realized that many women never shaved theirs.

“Before I met Ezenwa , I was obsessed – I would shave my legs every single day,” she wrote.

“But when I started traveling to Nigeria, I realized that many women never shaved theirs and neither them nor their men seemed to care. In fact, the hair seemed to be part of the beauty standard and…”

She went further:

“Ezenwa explained that some men even like it more than shaved legs!

“Why was I stressing myself then? Today, I am still shaving my legs once in a while. But for the rest of the time, I am just enjoying the privilege of having a husband who does not care if I don’t,” she concluded.

Photo: Nwanyi Ocha and Ezenwa

Photo: Nwanyi Ocha and Ezenwa


Nwanyi Ocha is a popular blogger who was born in Switzerland and later got married seven years ago to Mr. Ezenwa from Anambra state.

Read more about Nwanyi Ocha here.

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