What we can learn from this video of innocent children swimming in a disgusting pool

children playing in a dirty pool

At first, when I came across the video of some innocent little children swimming in a filthy pool that was formed from a dirty gutter, I was really disturbed, could’ve been somebody’s child.

At such tender ages, they should be properly taken care of, not exposed to such a disgusting condition that could put their health in jeopardy.

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But when I looked closely with my mind’s eye, I saw a different picture. These lovely children have discovered a way to find happiness and contentment in their little world that is filled with dirt.

Watch the video below:

As nature may have it, these kids are immune to illness causing germs from the dirty pool, because it is nothing new to them.

Their situation however provides a very fine lesson for us all. Life is what we make out of it, there is no prize for genuine happiness. Regardless of the situation, we can be joyful if we always consider the bright side of life.

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