Slay queen disgraced out of ShopRite for wearing a highly revealing outfit (video)

An unidentified slay queen was disgraced out of a ShopRite shopping mall in Johannesburg for wearing a highly revealing outfit.

The lady came to ShopRite with her friends in a net-like skirt that barely covered her inner wear. People around the mall especially her fellow women were very displeased over her indecency.

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They could be heard shouting abusively at her, while some called her a demon for dressing the way she did. It even reached the point where the security men had to guide her out of the mall to avoid any likely mob attack on her.

Watch the video below:

I wouldn’t say it was right for this lady to get humiliated this way, over her choice of dress, but things like these could easily be avoided if one is modest enough in grooming especially in public places.

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