Most women may never do what this lady did (watch video)

It is very easy to get a woman who can do anything for money and it is very difficult to get a woman who can’t do anything for money. Nevermind, that’s my little way of describing that most ladies like money, everyone does anyways!

A certain lady, has however gotten people talking on social media, because of what she chose to do with the money she received from her boyfriend.

The lady told her fiancée that she’d love to go to the mall, probably to get herself some of her basic necessities. Her boyfriend purposely decided to give her money, to see how she will react.

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The couple were spotted together inside a car when the young man brought out a few dollars and gave his girlfriend. She was overwhelmed with suprise, but instead of saving the money for the mall, she decided to spend money on the one who gave it to her.

The woman told her boyfriend, I want to spend the money on “us”, where would you love to go?

Watch the video below:

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