5 beautiful ways to know you are in love

Being in love comes with a personal feeling that you alone can relate to. Probably, you are not sure if you love him/her. Here are five ways to know when you are in love.

Love is a beautiful feeling, it makes one feel excited and giddy. It’s an euphoric experience that everyone needs to undergo whether it’s platonic love or romantic love. There are traits one displays when they are in love or tend to be in love.

During that period one is being controlled by his/her heart. You find out that you start doing things unexpected of you.


When you are love, you begin to:

1.You think of them regularly

When you are in love, you are susceptible to be thinking of the person always. They are always in your thoughts and even conversation. You find yourself looking at their pictures or re-reading their messages which makes you feel happy. You are thinking of their cute face and how your next date or meeting will go. Your every thought seems to revolve around them. It’s not only about thinking of them, the thoughts of them makes you feel so warm and happy.

2.You feel secure and at peace with them

Love is meant to be soothing, a safe place and peaceful not toxic and bitter. When you are in love, you find out that they will be the first person you would want to tell about your bad day or how exciting your day went, in fact every details about you. This is because you are safe with them and they make you feel special and at peace.

3.You get jealous at times 

Jealousy is an emotion and when it’s not handled well is dangerous. When you are in love, you might get jealous when other people get close to the one you love. When someone flirts with them, you might feel threatened and would like to validate your interest and mark your territory.

4.You feel excited

Thereis a feeling of excitement associated with love. When you are in love, there is this rush of butterflies rummaging through you. A surge of energy will suddenly burst inside you. Reasons why they say love makes one glow. You are happy, you are excited, you feel great. That’s what the feeling of love do.

5.You crave to spend a lot of time with them

When you’re in love, they become your priority. You want to be with them always such that you crave quality time with them. You always make out time to be with them.

Love is beautiful experience, don’t miss it


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