5 basic ways to know if your girlfriend loves someone else

You might be dating a girl and you feel that she’s kind of drifting away from you and you are not sure if she still loves you or she has left you for another guy. Here are five basic signs that your girlfriend might be in love with someone else:

Physical distancing

When your girlfriend begins to shy away from you or to physically dissociate herself from you, it could be a sign that she is seeing someone else.

Basically, the thing that is keeping her away from you is the feeling of guilt. She probably knows that what she’s doing is not right, so she wants to keep a distance away from you so as not to feel too bad about the whole situation. When you touch her and she shies away from you, that could be a sign she’s in love with another person.


Falling in love with someone else is totally fine, it just happens. But you should also have the guts to breakup with the one you don’t love, instead of being with them when you’re in love with someone else, that’s the part that is not okay.

She’s acting too busy

When your girlfriend suddenly starts acting super busy, it can be a really big sign that she is seeing someone else. Most relationships usually fades away when one partner suddenly becomes too busy to spend time with the other partner.

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According to most relationship experts, it could be a sign of a much bigger issue like cheating, or simply put, she’s in love with someone else.

Of course that doesn’t rule out the fact that your partner could be preoccupied with work, or working to meet a deadline or taking part of something else that is taking up her time. But other times, it could be a sneaky way of withdrawing from a relationship.

She starts ignoring you

If a girl who used to love you and would always want to be around you starts to ignore you, two things are likely involved. It’s either she’s becoming very ambiguous or she has started liking someone else.

She doesn’t consider it worthwhile to be with you anymore because she may have found new commitments that is worth her time or someone who makes her happy.

It could even get to the point where she stops taking your calls or responding to your messages. That is very likely with most girls.

Pays a lot more attention to her phone

Obviously, this might sound a little bit controversial because almost every young adult find it difficult to get their hands off their devices. You can even find those who are extremely addicted to their phones, but are yet to have a boyfriend. So, what’s the point?

5 basic ways to know if your girlfriend loves someone else


The point is that when a girl chooses to scroll through the social media or respond to some chats instead of talking to you or paying attention to your needs, it may sometimes be a sign of cheating. But situations can vary.

Stops buying gifts for you

If your partner is that kind of person who loves showering you with gifts or money and suddenly stops doing so, then it simply means you are no longer her priority. She has either found someone else or has dumped you for good.

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On the flip side, she may likely not accept any money or gift from you because she feels guilty about what she’s doing and she knows that she’s not in love with you anymore.

Note: There are many other ways to find out if a girl still loves you or not. But to avoid the headache of researching through those ways, why not just ask her directly and get the answers you seek?

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