3 ways to make a difficult woman fall in love with you

She is bold, self assured, independent and she has no idea you exist and even if she does, she doesn’t really seem to care.

Getting such a woman’s attention can be a little more difficult than getting another woman from perhaps a different social class whose boundaries may not necessarily be that high.

As you know, this woman already has her world going on, she probably does not need you that much, so you are only going to be complimenting the kind of life that she already lives, to either enhance it or maybe just level up completely.

Getting past her thick skin will require more than just a friend request or playful flirting. If you want to win her over, you’ll have to show her that you respect her for her individuality and that you are deserving of her respect in return.

But how do you get her attention, get to know her and break down her walls? This article will discuss three ways to you could get a difficult woman to fall in love with you.

1. Getting her attention

2. Getting to know her

3. Breaking down her walls.

So let’s jump right in and do justice to them.

Getting her attention

Strong minded women are used to being in control, it’s a thing for them and so if you’re a guy, I would recommend that you walk right up to her and take charge of the whole situation. Let her know that you are interested.

Because she’s someone who was in total control of her life and other aspects, she probably does not get that a lot, like men wanting to just come and take over her life.

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However, you must be cautious that you are not too direct or forceful or demanding, as that might be a big red flag for her and she might be turned off completely and begin to shut her walls down right in front of you.

Now, another thing you want to do is to exude confidence. Women who are strong minded are tickled by men who exude so much confidence. They wonder where that confidence is actually coming from. Don’t forget she’s probably used to being the most confident person in her space and so when another person comes up to her exuding the same level or even more confidence, that definitely gets her going. So, if you want get her attention, confidence is a big plus.

Finally, in trying to get her attention be your own person. Most likely she is her own person and she will definitely acknowledge someone who’s coming to the table without any frills.

Be yourself, let your true personality shine through and if it’s something that she really is intrigued by, she will open up and engage you a little bit more.

Getting to know her

Now that you have her attention you need to get to know her, take your time to figure out who this mysterious woman is. Find out what you makes her thick. What is that thing that inspires her, what’s that thing that motivates her? Dig a little below the surface and things will start to emerge that you can make conversations out of.

Remember to approach her with no judgment whatsoever, just be open minded, hear her out, that’s all she wants. Also have in mind that everyone is different so remember to treat her differently leave all your prejudices at home.

You may have heard things about her, but be that guy that will go a little further to find out exactly who she is, instead of listening to hearsay. Show interests in her interests, get to know her friends, do things with her as well.

Then you will be able to know exactly what she loves, and soon before you could say jack you guys are going to be hitting it off.

Breaking down her walls

To break down her walls, you need not to let yourself be chased off.

Sometimes, a girl or lady with such an image and social history like hers might not be so open to letting you into her space and tell you all the things that you may necessarily need up front to build a good relationship with her.

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But don’t be discouraged, because usually such people need just a little bit of work to make things happen. I recommend that you actually continue to be there for her any time that she needs you.

Such women have usually seen a lot and therefore are very guarded and it takes a little more than average time to truly get them to open up to you and begin to engage on the kind of level that you’re looking for.

3 ways to make a difficult woman fall in love with you

So you need to be a good friend to break down her walls. You actually need to be genuine, offer her your time when she needs it, be a good listener and be there for her.

But don’t just become like those other guys who are quick to say I love you or I’m falling in love with you after meeting her for 24 hours. Be sure that this is what you’re feeling before blurting it out.

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