Divorce: 8 proven ways to prevent Divorce

Divorce in marriage can be inevitable sometimes and can still be avoided. Marriage is more than just having a flamboyant wedding to living with the same person for all your life.

During dating, people may not get to know everything about their partner while dating people may not reveal all their character and partners tend to change after staying together for a long time.


Preventing divorce in marriage is not a herculean task if the both spouses are tolerable and understanding.

Proven ways to prevent divorce:

1. Be faithful

Partners ought to be faithful in marriage, irrespective of what they may experience. Being faithful in Marriage increases trust and love for each other and also keep divorce away from partners minds.


2. Watch your appearance

No matter how much beautiful you are on the inside, you must look beautiful outside. Partners should make it a priority to look nice at all time whether they are at home or outside the home.

In a case when the husband begins to look outside the home or keep late nights, it may be because of the way the wife looks and dresses.

Also, wives are not usually proud of husbands who dress shabbily. And this can lead to unfaithfulness that will lead to divorce.


3. Spend quality time together

Divorce can be kept far away from the home when couples spend time together. It gives then opportunity to bond more. Even if there are kids at home, partners should go in a date, vacation and holiday once in a while.


4. Be commited to your relationship

Showing commitment can help prevent divorce in a home. When two people are committed to a relationship, they put in all they can to make sure that their relationship works out.


5. Share financial goals

Sometimes, having a different perspective of finances by the same people is a good factor to divorce in a home.

Couples should not only share their dreams but add finances into their discussions to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to divorce.


6. Don’t allow misunderstandings to linger

Most full blown problem couples have started as little issues that was not solved then. Couples should always try reconcile wholeheartedly of at the beginning of little issues that can lead to divorce.

7. Have a listening ear

Show your spouse that you care by giving your partner the full attention when needed, avoid watching the television or using your phone when having a discussion with your partner. It kills morale and brings down esteem.


8. Take your mind off divorce!

Divorce kills homes and families, most people who have nutured the thought of divorce often time ends up carrying out the act.

The thought of divorce should be kept very far away from the mind.


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