My Whole Family Tested Positive For Coronavirus– Lady Cries Out


A twitter user from South Africa has cried out after she and her whole family got infected with the novel coronavirus disease.

The lady whose name is identified as miss maziwai according twitter handle, says that the who tested positive for Covid-19 and they are now self isolating at home.

When asked by online sympathizer how they got infected to this disease, she revealed that the whole family contacted it through her mother is a professional medical doctor.

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My whole family tested positive for COVID-19 (including me).

Thank you for all the messages guys. We are isolating at home. My mom was the only person having difficulties with her breathing so she got admitted at St Dominics. We going to be okay though.

My niece (7) is the only person that’s asymptotic. The rest of us are going through it all.

To everyone that’s asking how we got infected, my mom is a doctor in a clinic in Mdantsane, her and 2 other nurses tested positive. So yeah we basically got it from her. Thank you for all the messages guys. We really appreciate them.

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