Health benefits of proper feeding and eating habits

Health benefits of proper feeding and eating habits

Food can be referred to as anything we eat to be strong and healthy. Food supply our bodies with essential nutrients to keep alive.

These nutrients have different functions in the body, without them our system malfunctions. Sadly, most people are deficient of these essential nutrients, probably due to their inability to feed properly.

This article will enumerate the six basic classes of food (carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, mineral salt, fats & oil and water), what we derive from them and proper feeding habits.


Also called energy giving food, carbohydrates boosts our strength and supply heat to the body system. Some typical examples of carbohydrates are: rice, yam, cassava, potatoes, wheat, sugar e.t.c.

If this food nutrient is not taken into the body, it causes weakness and marasmus especially to the children.


Proteins are body builders. They promote growth, repairs the worn-out tissues in the body, transmit heredity traits, fight against infections and also supplies energy just like carbohydrates. Some examples include: fish, snail, eggs, beans, milk e.t.c.

When the body lacks proteinous nutrients, it causes weakness in the tissues, stunted growth and various illnesses.

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Vitamins are like fire fighters and their duty is to protect, not the building, but the body from diseases. They keep us physically strong and active and also gives us resistance to infections. Various kinds of food that supply vitamins include: green vegetables, meat, fish, beans, milk, fruits e.t.c.

When the body is in short supply of vitamins, it causes complications like night blindness, weakening of the body immune system, dry or rough skin, loss of appetite e.t.c.


Mineral salts help maintain the bones, supply body tissues and makes the blood run through properly. It also keep the physical part of the body like the teeth, healthy. Examples of them includes: liver, green vegetables, beans, shrimps e.t.c.

Lack of mineral salt in the body causes dental problem, anemia, genu varum for children (bowleggedness), head aches and many more.


Like the name sounds, fats & oil gives fats and energy to the body system. It supplies the body with heat and store excess fats to the body. Margarine, butter, nuts, oil e.t.c. are typical examples of fats & oil.

Lack of these nutrients in the body causes tiredness and weakness. Excessive intake of them can lead to obesity.


Of all the basic classes of food, water – a colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid is the most needed and most consumed. Ninety-five percent of our body system need water to function properly.

Regular intake of water helps in digestion, rehydration and system cleansing. Irregular intake leads to dehydration, kidney stones and severe problems.


Feeding habits encompasses the way we take care of our food, either for good or for bad, the kind of things we eat and when we eat them.

Good feeding habits as listed as follows:

1. Eating the the six classes of nutrients

2. Eating a normal portion of food

3. Eating at the proper time

4. Eating in a clean environment

5. Buying clean foods from a neat store.

Bad feeding habits includes:

1. Eating the same kind of food repeatedly

2. Overfeeding

3. Eating very late

4. Eating unhealthy food or in a dirty environment

5. Buying and eating expired things e.t.c.

When we adopt and maintain a healthy feeding habit, we are sure of improved health condition and we’ll likely be free from harmful diseases. But if one is keeping a bad feeding habit, that one is knocking on the door of all sorts of diseases and sicknesses.

In summary, we have considered the six basic classes of food and their functions in the body. We’ve also discussed why it is healthy to maintain proper feeding habits. So, always maintain proper feeding and eating habits and live healthy.

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