Piers Morgan brands Kim Kardashian a ‘talentless’ billionaire

Kim Kardashian West

British Media personality Piers Morgan has taken a dig at reality TV star Kim Kardashian, branding her as ‘talentless’ after she reportedly became a billionaire.

It’s not hidden the fact that Piers Morgan is not a fan of Kim’s lifestyle. He reignited his feud with the Kardashians on today’s episode of Good Morning Britain as he took a swipe at the 39-year-old star.

Kim, recently made herself a billionaire after selling one fifth of her beauty brand for $200million (£163million).


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Piers was obviously delighted by the news and he took to his show to share his sarcastically congratulatory message to Kim and her rich family.

He said:

“She’s now worth nearly one billion.

“I think we’re all thrilled, aren’t we, when everyone is losing their money and their jobs.

“Great to see the rich talentless Kardashians are making themselves even richer.’

“Well done, Kim. It just goes to show if you strip off and flip the bird, you too can be a billionairess. It’s really empowering.”

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