Nengi was really hurt after Ozo ignored her, but watch what Vee advice her not to do [Video]

Nengi felt very bad after Ozo ignored her during a party.
She was spotted crying like a baby.
Vee adviced her to forget about Ozo.

vee advice nengi

Big Brother Naija Season 5 finalist Nengi was caught on camera crying like a baby after Ozo snubbed her during the last lockdown Saturday party yesterday night.

Nengi lamented that some of the evicted housemates who she thought were her friends acted like she didn’t exist during the party, but she was really hurt that Ozo ‘her love interest’ was among them. She was too emotional as she complained to Vee and the other housemates.

Vee however adviced her not to let her emotions rob her off the chance of possibly becoming the winner of show. She even told her to treat them as enemies.

“You [Nengi] do not need these people, the people that care for you are the people that voted for you. You already lived with these people, they do not matter, they are your enemies. You are a finalist, they can never take that away from you.”

When Nengi further complained about Ozo, Vee told her forget about him.

“You know the intentions you have for Ozo,” she says. “If he doesn’t understand the fact that you don’t want to be with him, it doesn’t matter, somebody out there is waiting for you.”

Watch the video below:

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