10 Career opportunities in Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas industry is one of the biggest industry globally, it plays a great role in the global economy and is a high paying salary job and also have a high travel exposure.

Oil and gas are essential for the manufacturer of countless products for fuelling vehicles, heating buildings and producing electricity.

As large as the oil and gas industry is, it has most of the world’s recognised companies like BP, Shell, Chevron, TOTAL and ExxonMobil. And there are a lot of job opportunities too.


1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering in oil and gas is involved in almost all the stages of Oil and Gas; field evaluation, development and production. Drill hydrocarbon is the most efficient way to reduce the effect of drilling on the environment.


2. Geochemist

Geochemist in oil and gas uses physical and inorganic chemistry to investigate the amount of distribution of chemical elements in rocks and minerals. Geochemist research can be used to guide oil exploration, improve water quality and develop plants to clean up toxic waste sites.


3. Energy Engineering

It involves the production of energy through Natural resources e.g extraction of oil and gas or from Renewable Energy ( biofuels, water, wind & solar).

Energy Engineers may be based in an office or laboratory, land or on-site in the oil and gas industry.


4. Engineering geologist

An engineering geologist is to assess natural conditions such as geological brisk and deal with factors that could affect engineering work.


5. Geoscientist

A geoscientist is hired to interpret geophysical, geochemical and geological data to develop prototypes used for discovering commercially viable reserves of natural resources such as oil and gas.


6. Hydrographic surveyor

Hydrographic surveyors in oil and gas usually work onboard survey ships underwater surfaces.


7. Mining Engineer

A mining Engineer ensures the efficient development of mining other surface and underground operations. They are involved in all stages of a project in the oil and gas industry.


8. Pipeline and piping engineer

They maintain subsea pipelines in offshore fields in Oil and Gas.


9. Truck drivers

Trucks are needed in oil and gas to move rigs and equipment, haul oil and sand away. The drivers also expected to be mechanics to be able to fix their trucks.


10.  Tax accountant

Tax accountants are important in the oil and gas industry because of the large tax from the government in the area of tariff, royalties and other deductions.

A tax accountant is a non-technical profession in oil and gas.

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