VIDEO: The Moment New Zealand Prime Minister Live TV Broadcast Was Interrupted By Earthquake

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One might ask, why is the internet reacting to the video?  Okay I will let you in..
The viral video captured the moment an earthquake with 5.6 magnitude struck and interrupted her live television broadcast.

The quake was strong enough to rattle food from shelves and stop train services.

Rather than being scared and all that shaking thing, She was unmoved, infact she kept her composure while announcing the unfortunate incident.
In a similar scenario, the people involve usually look scared, nervous and confused But reverse is the case with New Zealand PM Jecinder Arden, who has gained in popularity over her handling of the coronavirus.

“We’re having a bit of an earthquake here, Ryan,” she told the show’s host, Ryan Bridge, according to Reuters. “Quite a decent shake here…if you see things moving behind me.  The Beehive moves a little more than most.”

Watch Video Below:


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