North Korea Leader Reappears 20 Days After He Was Rumored Dead

North Korea Leader Reappears 20 Days After He Was Rumored Dead

North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong Un has made his first public appearance after he was rumored to be seriously ill or possibly dead.

Earlier last month, rumors sparked by an anonymous source featured in the South Korea-based Daily NK outlet, spread that the North Korean leader was in ill health after undergoing heart surgery on April 12.

Photos and released by North Korea’s State media on Saturday shows the supreme leader
wearing a black Mao suit and constantly smiling, walking around facilities, applauding, cutting a huge red ribbon with a scissor handed by his sister, and smoking inside and outside of buildings while talking with other officials.

Satellite imagery showing recent movements of luxury boats often used by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provide further evidence he has been at a coastal resort, according to experts who monitor the regime.

“groundless” speculation about Kim had caused “unnecessary confusion”, calling for more careful consideration in future Seoul’s unification ministry said

Kim’s sudden death would have left Pyongyang facing an unplanned succession for the first time in its history and raised unanswered questions over who would succeed him and take over the North’s nuclear arsenal.

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