11 Firefighters Injured In Los Angeles Fire Explosion.

11 Firefighters Injured In Los Angeles Fire Explosion.

A fiery explosion in downtown Los Angeles left 10 firefighters injured Saturday evening.

The LA Fire Department had rushed to 327 East Boyd St. after a report of a fire at a one-story commercial building.

Firefighters entered but saw nothing unusual — until the blast rocked the building around them, according to department spokesman Nicholas Prange.

More than 200 additional firefighters then responded, rushing dozens of fire trucks to the scene.

Some first-responders could be seen standing next to gurneys that had been prepared for the injured as other firefighters hosed down the building.

“My thoughts are with our brave @LAFD firefighters,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted. “Closely tracking this situation as we continue to get more information.”

It wasn’t immediately clear how severely the heroes were injured.

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