Pregnant Woman Selling Orange Breakdown In Tears After A Rich Man Surprised Her With An Xmas Present (Video)

A kind hearted Nigerian rich man has extended his hands of support upon a pregnant woman by buying off the oranges she was hawking on the street on Christmas day.

Like they usually say, favor once in a while can locate anybody anywhere at any given time.

Indeed it was an amazing gesture, for the said rich man to have extended his loving hands to the pregnant woman.

According to a video trending on social, the pregnant woman was moved to tears after the unidentified rich guy bought all the oranges she had. In addition, he gave her a Christmas present with additional money to support her self and her family.

The incident reportedly occurred in the garden city, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

See Video Below:

One act of a random kindness, nothing is too small for a person in need.

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